Friday, January 18, 2013

Winner Part 2

So this goes with my last post.  Alexandra and Scarlett beat me upstairs last night for bedtime.  When I got there Scarlett gives me this look and said "Guess what?" and then responded by pulling out a pair of Alexandra's dirty socks and shouted "I won the stinky socks!!!"  It was hilarious!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm the Winner!

A few days ago Alexandra was teasing Scarlett.  They were racing up the stairs to bed and Scarlett told Alexandra that she was going to be the winner.  Alexandra replied that Scarlett would win her stinky socks.  Now Scarlett thinks it hilarious.  Every time she beats anyone up the stairs she yells "I win the stinky socks!!!!" 

Friday, November 23, 2012

100 Things I'm Thankful For 2012

So instead of a Thankful Wall this year, I printed this up and gave it to everyone on Tuesday.  They had until dinner on Thanksgiving to fill it out and then we talked about everything we wrote down.  So I'm just scanning them in so we have them to remember!
Here is my list (you can click on them to make them bigger!)

 Dean's list (He wasn't so good at following instructions!)

 Riley's list

 Alexandra's list (She's learning cursive this year - and the underlined words are words she thinks she may have misspelled - that's what they do at school.)

 Scarlett's list (Grammy sat with her and asked her about each category that she thought Scarlett could answer.)

 Grammy's list

It was awesome!  I got the idea from last years December Ensign.

Black Friday/Cutting Back on Christmas

So this year has been rough financially.  We are currently having to put a new engine in the Tahoe and that is going on a credit card.  Let alone all the other stuff that has happened this year.  The Tahoe is kinda the breaking point though (and it still needs new tires).  So I had talked to my mom about how Christmas was going to be so much less this year then other years and telling her how I didn't think we could afford presents for them or any extended family.  At that time we needed to put tires on the van as well.  She told me to talk to the girls and if they were okay with not getting any toys from them, they would buy us van tires for Christmas instead of presents.  She also told us we could come and clean their house for them as a present instead (yay - so much more affordable!!!)

So I had a long talk with the girls (Riley and Alexandra) and fortunately I have AMAZING children.  They are so understanding and not selfish at all.  We talked about how I love to give gifts and love going to the store and finding things that are perfect for them.  We talked about how they already have so many toys and really don't need any more.  So they agreed that it was okay for Grammy to give us tires instead of toys.  And then we talked about how I needed to be better this year and not spend tons of money on them, even though I really wanted to.  So I told them to really, really think about what they wanted this year.  I told them I would have a $50 budget for them each and they could think of whatever they really wanted.  Whether it was 1 item or 10 and that's what I would get them.  Usually I get them the same number of presents so that when we are unwrapping (we unwrap one at time and take turns) no one feels left out because they are out of presents while others are still unwrapping.  We talked about if they picked one item they would only have 1 present to unwrap, so they had to be good with that. 

They then thought and thought about what they wanted.  They scoured all the the toy ads searching for the perfect present.  And then they two of them decided they wanted to share their money so they could have the new Skylanders WII game.  They have the original Skylanders game, so we only needed to buy the Portal Owners pack which was $60.  So they would have $20 more dollars they could pick out another present with.  And then Wal-Marts Black Friday ad came out!!  I could get the whole game which was $80 for $40!  That would leave them with $30 left for another present.  So I ventured out last night at 8 to brave the Wal-Mart crowds.  I got what I wanted and was out within 30 minutes of getting to the store.  It was amazing!  I don't think I've been able to get out of there on a normal shopping trip that fast.  And then I headed to Toys R Us to pick up some of the figurines for the game.  The girls decided that was what they wanted with the rest of their money, and Toys R Us had them for Buy 1 Get 1 Free.  It was not as good as Wal-Mart for being about to get out though.  I spent about an hour in line.  But it was okay!  I got what I wanted and just spent the time chatting with a lady from Germany who was in line behind me.

I know some people hate the whole Black Friday thing, but it was so good for us this year.  I was able to get the girls what they wanted and even more of the figurines then they would have originally gotten (3 instead of 1).  I had a good time and made sure I was super polite and friendly to the other people and workers.  I helped others find things they were looking for, which made me feel awesome!  I'm also so grateful that the stores I needed to go to opened at 8 pm.  I know it's hard on the workers to give up some of their holiday and I appreciated them for it.  If it had been super early in the morning, I don't think I would have been able to go since Dean works and there's no way I was gonna drag 3 girls around on Black Friday. 

Now I just have to order Scarlett's present and then I'm done!!  She's getting a used DS, which she will love.  She plays her sisters DS's all the time and I'm so scared she will break them.  And it just so happens that GameStop has used DS's for $50!  Yay!

I just want to say how grateful I am that I can spend $50 on each of the girls too.  I know that there are many families that don't even have that.  The girls will also get pj's and a book, so they will at least get a couple of things that will be a surprise!  And I'm proud of myself for sticking to a budget.  I usually try to set one, but then I get carried away.  Dean and I are not doing anything for each other - the Tahoe's engine is enough of a Christmas present for both of us!  I know Dean is happy he won't have to do Christmas shopping - he hates it!  Not the gift giving part, just the trying to figure out what to buy me!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Report Cards

Last year Alexandra took the COGAT (Cognitive Abilities Test).  They determined that she is Gifted and Talented.  So we had long talks with her teacher about what we should do with her.  She could stay at her school and have an ALP (advanced learning plan) there or we could move her to a center school where they have classes full of just GT kiddos.  We decided she would do amazing in a GT class so we put her on the waiting list for a new school.  We found out the last month of summer that they were opening up another 3rd grade GT class and she was accepted.  So we moved her over to the new school for 3rd grade. 

As a mom you always worry about whether you are doing the right thing for your kids and this was even more of a worry for me.  She was going to a school where she wouldn't have her friends and she was going to be a year behind in some things.  (The GT classes study a year ahead in math and language arts.)  So the last 3 months I've watched her struggle (not really, but for her she felt like she was struggling) with making new friends, learning multiplication and division, and catching up to the other kids in class.  And I've wondered if it was the right decision. 

When I went to her parent teacher conference I was so worried, but then I found out she was in the highest reading group and highest spelling group.  All of her testing showed her above where she should be for the end of 3rd grade.  So I felt so much better about the decision.  But then it was about to be report card time.  We got a note from the GT teachers that said

"The Gifted Center teachers met and want to let everyone know that they should expect 2's
& 3's. Parents SHOULD NOT WORRY unless they see a 1. :) Reminder, during the beginning
of the year, kids are working towards a concept and not expected to be at a mastery level.
2- working on concept
3- on grade level (Math & Language Arts they
are graded using 4th grade standards)
4- above grade level"

So I worried again.  She has only ever had 4's and 3's on her report cards and I knew if she saw any 2's she would be so upset.  Plus with a new school and new teachers I wasn't sure how her report card was going to look.  So we had a little preparation talk before we opened her report card. And I shouldn't have even worried!!  Her report card is great! 

 She did so good!  I'm so glad we moved her over to the GT class.  She is getting the challenges that she needs.  I don't think she feels like she's struggling anymore and she's making friends.  It's so good as a mom to feel that the decision you made for your child was the right one.

Riley is still at their old school.  I just couldn't move her for her 6th grade year.  She is doing so much better this year then last.  She struggled with math last year and this year she is doing amazing!  Her report card was the best I've seen from her!
 I'm so proud of my girls and how much they are accomplishing with their education.  I know it's only elementary, but I really hope that they continue to love it and continue to do great!

Picture Post and the Reason I Have Sucked at Blogging Lately

Boy I suck at blogging - or at least I have the last year and a half.  Facebook has really become my blog, it's just been easier to type a little tiny funny thing then think about a blog post. 

For those that don't know, I have suffered from depression since I was a teenager.  I finally got put on medication after Alexandra was born (thank goodness since people were seriously about to die).  I am horrible at remembering to take my meds and then when I get in that depression fog I have no desire at all to take my meds.  It's a horrible vicious cycle.  Plus then you add post-partum depression on top of it and yeah I'm a mess.  I have figured out it takes me about 3 years after each baby to return to my normal depression versus the whole post-partum thing.  Well it takes about 3 years before I feel semi-normal anyway.  And I've finally hit that 3 year mark - well 3 1/2 this time, but close enough.  I think it has to do with the sleep deprivation too.  It's part of why we had thought we were done with having kids after Alexandra, that and the whole "horrible-I-could-die" pregnancies.  (Here is the story for deciding for one more kiddo for anyone who's interested or doesn't know the story already.)  Anyways, that whole paragraph was really to explain that I think that my suckiness at blogging has come from my lack of taking my medicine and the way depression just makes me not want to do anything at all.  

So I'm remembering to take my meds (most days - if my morning routine is disturbed at all I forget) and I'm finally feeling semi-decent most days.  So I felt a little like blogging!  And then I looked at the blog and realized how much time has past since my last post.  So this will be a picture catch up post of the last few months!

Here is the sweet girl that joined our life 3 years ago!!  I wouldn't trade her for anything!!

 The girls first day of school (at different schools this year).
 I took Alexandra to her new school and Dean took Riley to hers, but I was the only one with a camera.
 Field day for Riley (they do it in the Fall on the official count day for school funding to get the highest numbers possible).
 Scarlett joining in for "Everybody's It" (like tag/flag football combined).

 Riley and Scarlett racing!
 Minute to win it!
 Long jump.
 Our annual "we have way too many leaves" party!

 The people I love!

 Halloween costumes
 Alexandra was Katara from The Last Airbender.

 Riley was a "Tribal Spirit".  Really she just liked the wolf on the costume!
 Halloween parade at Riley's school.  Alexandra's school does not celebrate Halloween.  They just had a Fall Festival. 
 Riley's pumpkin (chinese dragon face)
 Scarlett's pumpkin (moon) and Alexandra's pumpkin (fish)

And those are the picture I have.  I have tons more from in between my last post and this, but I'm not sure I feel like spending all day playing catch-up. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bumblebee's and Diego

One of Scarlett's new favorite song to sing is :

She loves to sing it. But mostly she loves to have someone sing with her. The other night she asked me for Bumblebee and I'd sang it 3 times with her. Then when she asked again, I told her to sing it herself. She told me "I don't want to sing it!" So I asked her "But you want me to sing it?" "Uh-huh!"

Also that song has 3 more versus that her sisters have taught her, but I didn't think you wanted to listen to the licking up, puking up, and sweeping up verses.

And then today she was in the other room when I hear her calling "Mommy! Help! Help! Ayudeme!" (Which is Spanish for help me) Apparently she really likes her Diego books and videos.

I love listening to her talk and pick up new words and phrases every day!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Washing Hands

We were at the library yesterday for a program on science and to turn in our reading logs. I had taken Scarlett into the little kids bathroom to change her diaper. I got her down off the changing table and was packing up the bag when I hear a splashing. I turned around to see her with both hands in the toilet! She looked up at me and very sweetly said "Washing my hands Mommy!"


By the way the science program was awesome! Alexandra, my little scientist, loved it. And now I'm gonna have to figure out a way to hide all the diapers because they did an experiment with polymers (I hope that's how you spell it) and then told the kids how they could do it themselves if they had any diapers around the house.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1st Amusement Park rides

So yesterday we took the girls to the amusement park near us that gives out tickets for summer reading at the library. We'll get to go another time (if not two more times). Yay for 3 different libraries near me!!!

We decided we would go and try with Scarlett to see if she would be okay on the little kid rides. The next time we go, we'll get a sitter for Scarlett and Dean and I will get tickets and ride the big rides with Riley and Alexandra.

Scarlett loved it! Unless we put her on a ride that had any sort of up and down motion. By the 3rd ride that went up and down she started screaming, so we avoided those from then on.

She loved the horses.

She loved the boats - and yes Alexandra loves them too, even though she doesn't look like it. She sat like that for every ride and would ask to ride again.

She loved the racing cars.

She did not like the motorcycles (they had little up and down hills.)

She liked the carousel. By this time we knew about the up and down - so we avoided all animals that moved.

She LOVED the little kids version of the Whip (which is Riley's favorite big kid ride - and unfortunately the big kid one was under maintenance so Riley didn't get to ride it.) We weren't sure about this one because it goes around pretty fast for a kids ride, but she loved it!

She rode this one over and over with Riley. It was hilarious. At first when she would want to ride stuff again we made her get off and get back in line, but by the end of the night there weren't any lines. So we tried to get her to stay on the rides, but she insisted she had to get off and get back on.

We were there for over 3 hours - which I didn't expect at all. I really thought we'd only be there an hour if we were lucky before Scarlett decided she was done. All the girls had a great time and the bigger two are looking forward to our next trip - since neither of them are big enough to drive the bumper cars. (Which is Alexandra's favorite and hopefully the Whip will be open for Riley.)

2 year check-up

So we're only almost a month late getting into see the doctor. Between school ending and vacation, I just kept forgetting to call. So here's her stats - 32.5 lbs and 35 3/4" - I don't remember what the percentiles were. The doctor usually writes them down so I wasn't paying full attention. They were both somewhere in the 90's though.

She is doing great developmentally! The doctor even commented on how we didn't even have to account for her premie-ness. She is either where she is supposed to be or above.

In the little question form you fill out you're supposed to give examples of them talking in sentences and things like that. I didn't put this down but I kinda wanted to - We were on the way to the doctors office when I heard her say something that sounded like crap (cwap) so I asked her what she said. "I said cwap Mommy!" I think that also worked for the question about does she understand when you ask her questions....